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Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!

As a professional Change Manager, I have always approached projects, regardless of size and scope, as I would a summit attempt on a mountain. As an avid and passionate hiker/climber, the steps taken to successfully climb a mountain directly relate, if not mirror, the steps of a change management endeavor.

When we look at Change Management methodologies, we know that we don’t always treat them as gospel, especially considering every project has its own challenges, therefore focusing more on specific aspects of a methodology for various projects might come into play and often do.

The same goes for approaching a summit attempt on a mountain. The analysis of the terrain, the challenges on the trail, the path of least resistance, the training prior to the climb and supporting those who will accompany you are just some examples of how we can approach a project, execute on a plan and make it as successful as possible.

When leading a change project or an attempt to climb a mountain, preparation is essential. We prepare because we need to adjust. We adjust because aspects of the project can change very quickly and sometimes without warning as does weather on a mountain.

Inspiring a team throughout changes and helping them along the way to better adapt and believe in the final goal is key in both Change projects as it is on a climb.

Christopher Michel, Paradoxe collaborator, Change Management Specialist and Hiker

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